Watch What You Want!

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Watch what you want, when you want

With over 285 of your favorite channels – including more than 195 in glorious high definition – you’ll get MORE from your television than ever before with hawaii DIRECTV.

Whatever you watch during daytime, primetime, or late night, you’ll find it here, but more importantly, you can watch more of the TV you love at a time that best suits YOU. With live TV and On Demand, you can now watch the best new shows and latest blockbuster movies on ANY screen of your choice.

Watch entire seasons of your favorite dramas and comedies, or catch up on the newest big-screen releases with DIRECTV. With content available almost a MONTH before it hits Netflix, DIRECTV provides you with all the entertainment you will ever need – all from the comfort of your own home.


Stream live television, watch new shows on On Demand, or catch up on your DVR recordings. With DIRECTV, you have more control over WHAT you watch and WHEN you watch it than ever before. In fact, you can watch the shows you love on almost any device that you have in your home…

And what’s more, now you don’t even need to be in front of a television to watch television. DIRECTV allows you to watch channels on your cell phone or mobile tablet anywhere in your home. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection.

Away from home? Not a problem – stream channels when on the go from your phone or tablet.


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