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10 Reasons To Use Genie To Record Directv In Hawaii

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1)Record more; Store more

Because Genie has more HD recording capacity compared to cable, you can record as much as 200 hours on directv hawaii HD entertainment. You will enjoy watching at your convenient time, without the need to delete your favorite shows and movies to create space for new ones.

2)Recording Conflicts

As for the usual recording conflicts, this is going to be a thing of the past.

Genie solves recording conflicts by allowing you to simultaneously record any 5 shows on whichever channel you choose, in amazing HD, and at any time- not at all limited to prime time. You will never experience any recording conflict again.

3)Two shows; One screen

There are times when you just want to watch two shows simultaneously. But you cannot find a way. This is going to be a thing of the past with Picture-in-Picture feature in Genie. This feature allows you to tune in one-on-one to two channels on a single screen. If you want, you can even watch the two shows side by side.

4)Complete HD DVR functionality for every room

With the Genie Minis at your home, you can record, pause, rewind, watch or delete shows and movies in any part of your house, from just one HD DVR. Moreover, members of your household can watch recorded or live TV in 4 rooms concurrently. Up to 8 Genie Minis can link to one Genie HD DVR.

5)Welcome wireless; Goodbye to clutter

It is high time you said goodbye to cluttered cable boxes and wires. Say goodbye to clutter with the amazing Wireless Genie Mini technology. So small yet very strong, it eliminates any need for visible cable outlets and equipment around your television. Let your entertainment occupy center stage.

6) You will now enjoy watching your television anywhere; any time. Whether you want to watch a movie at night in your backyard, or the big sports event in that man cave, you are finally able to move your TV sets to a place of your liking. This is regardless of the position of the cable outlets. You will now enjoy HD DVR from anywhere in your home- indoors or outdoors. Great For  hawaiian outdoor pau hanas.

7)Begin in one room; end in the next

With Genie Mini you can start watching a recorded show in the sitting room, and continue watching it from your bedroom. You can begin watching a show in one room and complete it in any other room in your home.

8)One Genie HD DVR for a single TV

This is the most developed HD DVR you can find. Record any five shows simultaneously, store as much as 200 hours of HD programming, and enjoy wireless access and much more.

9)Genie Minis for any other TV

The Genie Minis can bring complete HD DVR experience into any room in your residence. You can link up to 8 to one HD DVR.

10)Do you like it wireless?

Go for Wireless Genie Minis. These create a connection seamlessly to the masterpiece Genie HD DVR through a wireless video bring. They do not need any cable except the HDMI cable and power cord.

11)Finding your sports has never been easier

The new Genie Sports feature, allows you to find information on each of your favorite sporting events from a single spot, at only the press of a button. This feature brings a whole new dimension to sports entertainment.

Genie HD DVR against the competition

NEW! Enjoy from now onwards full HD DVR experience on any TV with no clutter in each room.

NEW! Shift your TV to any place, indoors or outdoors.

NEW! Link as many as 8 TV sets wirelessly to a single Genie HD DVR.

Suggests new shows you may enjoy based upon what you previously watched.

Search for and schedule recordings two weeks before time.

Enjoy complete HD DVR experience on each TV in your home, without the need of a box in each room.

Start programs at the start if you tune in behind schedule.


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