What is  DIRECTV Everywhere?


  1. 1.       The DIRECTV Application
    1. a.       Android: The Google Play Store (
    2. b.      iOS: The Apple Store (
    3. c.       PC: DIRECTV Player Download (
  2. 2.       The DIRECTV Genie Go Hardware Add-on ($99 one-time cost for customers)
    1. a.       Genie Go software available on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android


What Does That Get Me?


  1. 1.      Access to over 19,000 on demand titles with the DIRECTV App
  2. 2.      Access to live channel streaming both inside and outside of your home WiFi network
  3. 3.       Schedule DVR Recordings from your PC or Mobile Device
  4. 4.       WATCH ANY recorded show on your DVR with the Genie Go add-on!!!
  5. 5.       Look up trending shows, cast, crew, and information
  6. 6.       Complete channel listings and guides
  7. 7.       Much more functionality included in DIRECTV Apps


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