Smart Home Hawaii

You have probably heard the phrase Smart Home Hawaii or maybe the ‘internet of things’, but what are they, really, and how can they help?

Smart Home Hawaii Technology on
Smart Home Hawaii
best solution to keep your home smart and safe?


Smart Home Hawaii

Simply put, smart home technology refers to systems, gadgets and devices that you already use in your home that are controllable via a smartphone application, or app on your phone. These can include items such as light bulbs, security cameras, speakers, thermostats, doorbells and door locks, but can also include large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and even beds. Each of these items can be controlled remotely, allowing you to do things like turn the heat (or air conditioning) on before you arrive home, see who is at the front door, or set the scene with soft lighting and mood music from wherever you are.

Smart Home Hawaii solutions
Best Applications to keep Home in Hawaii safe and comfortable.

For those of you who own rental property and do not live on site, adopting

Smart Home Hawaii  just makes sense. Imagine being able to greet your tenants and unlock the door for them, even when you are many miles away, or ease your mind by being able to see the state of your property after a storm. You can check on your pets, set an alarm system or secure your home after your renters vacate – even re-set the key code on your door locks so that nobody can re-gain access.

Smart Doorbell and Door Locks: at each of your access points, and you will be able to connect to whoever comes calling. As soon as they ring the bell, you will receive a notification on your smartphone, on which you will be able to see who is at your door and converse with them in real-time

Smart Lighting: If you spend a lot of time away from your home, or if you own several properties, you can also program your lights to turn on and off at given times. You can do this manually through your smartphone app or set up a pre-programmed schedule to run every day. Many lighting systems can be set up to be triggered by motion detection or when somebody rings the doorbell, so that if somebody comes calling your home lights will go on inside.

Choosing Smart Home Hawaii Technology that is Right for You


Ultimately, your smart technology should be about how you live your life, so make sure you’re getting the features you need for the budget you’ve carved out. Some things to consider before buying into a smart tech system:


Is it a one-time purchase or do I have to pay a monthly subscription?

Am I expected to monitor the results myself (in the case of smart security systems)?

Is the app compatible with my smartphone?

Can I control everything from my desktop computer? (a good backup, just in case!)

Can I add features on to it if my needs change in the future?


Make a list of all the ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ features you would like in your new smart technology, and shop around for something that comes as close as possible to your needs. While nothing in this world is 100% future proof, you should be able to choose something that will cover you for years to come without having to repurchase any of the main components.