Why say no to Cable?

Why say no to Cable?


Pricing is usually the biggest reason why people switch. Satellite beats out cable hands down, saving consumers a minimum of $700 a year!

What is cable costing you per year? Think about how many hours you have to work to make $1000…just to put it into the cable company’s pocket.

Service will also be a major player in why people will pick DirecTV

DirecTV usually can fix issues over the phone. You have to wait for a repairman for cable.

Quality of the audio and visual product is superior compared to cable, as Satellite has a direct signal from broadcaster to consumer. The cable signal is not first generation, as the signal is relayed from broadcaster to station, to sub-station before it is received.

A wider range of programs can be offered from Satellite over cable.  Consumers have a chance to watch nationwide and international sports through the unrivaled and extensive sports programming features.

Exclusive programming such as the NFL Sunday Ticket gives sports fans an unbeatable avenue to watch their favorite games. Viewers can see up to 8 games at once along with the game’s score, time left in the game and the quarter that the game is in under the game’s feed. Viewers can also stream live games on their computers and cell phones for a small fee per year.

Satellite offers both east and west coast feeds and alternate sports programming for channels like ESPN and Fox Sports.

Interactive features help you watch one program while you can record another.

HDTV full time channels are offered through satellite than cable which offers only part time HD.

Satellite is all digital (picture and sound) cable is not 100% digital

Satellite provides free equipment AND installation!

Free installation up to 4 tv’s!

Satellite systems offer features that are not available with cable such as parental locks, digital quality sound, and on screen programming guides to name just a few.

Tired of erratic service and a rising monthly cable bill? “Lock in savings with DirecTV”.

Another disadvantage of cable TV is the limited number of channels. Optic cables can transmit only a limited number of signals, which means that cable TV users have to choose which channels to receive and which not. Satellite TV can practically transmit an unlimited number of channels. Another disadvantage of cable TV is that the quality of the signal is affected from the weather conditions. Satellite TV provides perfect quality, no matter what the weather is.

The combination of a guaranteed lower price and superior picture and sound quality makes more and more people choose satellite TV instead of cable TV.

Overall, Satellite  offers unbeatable pricing, superior service, offers access to many more channels than what cable can, making Satellite a better choice!

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