Exede Satellite Internet Keaau

Exede Satellite Internet Keaau and Directv Keaau – wait is finally over:)

We are proud to introduce a new way of getting a satellite connection on the Hawaii coast. With Exede Satellite Internet you may regain control of your daily tasks. We know that living of land and out of grid may bring some changes. It is going to be much easier to consider having Directv  Satellite  Television and Exede Satellite Internet Keaau.

The only think matters is a power source, the rest is on Us. The satellite antennas need to have unobstructed view to south side of the sky. For both Exede satellite Internet and Directv Satellite Television we need line of sight to East 90 – 91 degree and elevation for Exede Satellite Internet Keaau 17 degree and Directv Satellite Televisions 24 degree.

exede satellite internet keaau

The satellite are being mounted on the roof or the ground. In most cases we will place a bigger satellite for Directv ( 4 feet wide ) on the ground or attached to your foundation post. The Exede satellite internet must go on the roof. The reason being that elevation is so low that dish must be as high as possible. The weight of the dish in most cases will be approved to put on the roof. Most of the local residents have a metal corrugated materials which are OK to mount Exede Satellite dish too.

Exede Satellite Internet Keaau plans


From that point we will run a cable all the way to the modem location. This shall not to exceed a 150 feet and must be run using a solid coper cable RG6. The cable will be directly connected to a satellite Exede satellite Internet modem. To stream WI FI network around the house you may need to purchase a wireless router. This is the option for most of the people out there. having tis future you may want to enable a WI FI calling on your phone and be able to communicate easier with outside world.

Exede Satellite Internet Keaau – modems

When talking about a Directv Satellite Television in Keaau we need to install the satellite dish of diameter approximately  4feet and run a single wire to the central location in your house where distribution point is. Where possible, we use existing wiring system. If you are not prewired our technician will do a basic wiring for each location where TV is available. Currently a 4 TV set is a standard. You may use a Genie DVR system with up to 3 additional clients and be able to watch and record all the content throat your house.


When system is installed there is not much maintenance around that. The only percussion is to keep system undisturbed and clear of vegetation. If you are being overgrown by surrounding trees please keep them trimmed not to obstruct line of sight.

We wish you a pleasant time while surfing the web or watching your favorite shows. This is possible thanks to a Exede Satellite Internet Keaau and Direct Satellite Television

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