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Exede Satellite Hilo HawaiiNow is even a better time to get a satellite internet on The Big Island. We offer brand new Liberty Plans which will satisfy the most demanding customers. Those plans will give you a virtually unlimited internet acces with a prime speed up to 12Mb and liberty speed from 1- 5 Mgb. This offer is has very good respond  rate from our customers and showing one more time good direction of the Exede Satellite Hilo Hawaii.




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  1. Data -Knowing that Data is the single most important issues closing sales. Liberty has effectively removed hard caps. Although we can’t say “Unlimited” it’s the next best thing. Your customer will be able to consume more data! Lots more… Most of the people you sell to now are in 1-5 Mg speeds that the liberty pass has after they use up the “Priority Data”. This means, at a minimum they have the same or better speeds. “DATA CAPS -Top objections, Exede Satellite Hilo Hawaii
  2. Performance – “Up to 12Mg speeds” and between 1-5Mgs – (how often do you see 12? How often do you think the customer will be in the 1-5mg liberty zone?)Keep in mind performance is the number one most important thing to ViaSat. Remember the two years of top spot on the FCC report of speeds based on advertised speeds at prime time (We over perform!). We will most likely over perform like we do with 12MG speeds during liberty pass! (I recently had a dealer send me a speed test of 22 Mgs in a ViaSat 1 beam). We should set expectation at the worst during prime time it “could” be (1-5Mgs). This is a way of getting the performance to where it needs to be and stay.
  3. Many times our customers will see significantly faster speeds even when they are in “Liberty Pass (after Priority data has been used) remember we almost always over perform on speeds only Exede Satellite Hilo Hawaii
  4. Price – It’s more expensive in a world where it’s all free free free and cheap. Well you pay for what you get. There is no value in giving it away. We must sell value Network Performance, Durability, Premium service, More data that any Sat provider, Aircard, You the local dealer, Local service, Domestic Customer Service. Pay TV is $100+ per month and internet is more important to customers than TV now. You all don’t seem to problem selling that.
  5. Streaming takes 3 Mgs. If this is the case customers could stream during Liberty Pass most of the time if not all. Some ISPs only offer 1.5Mg speeds and they can’t possibly use much due to slow speeds.



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