Directv Dish Removal Hawaii

Directv Dish Removal Hawaii

Hawaii Satellite Solutions, Ltd will remove any Directv dish in most areas  of Hawaii.

This service is absolutely free to any existing Directv Hawaii Hawaii Satellite Solutions, Ltd customers. For all other Directv customer there is a $200 charge for this service.


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Exede Hawaii website provide more informations about Exede Satellite in Hawaii.

We belive a Hawaiian live can be challenging experience, being off grid or having outages with your cable services??? Not being able to connect to internet…Yep, sounds about right. But when we have all those super toys, satellite television and satellite internet we feel much better …until it is time to move forward and move out of your house or rental place.

Now we have a small problem, not so small anymore 1.2 meter Directv Hawaii Dish – works great but also weight a lot and is kind of bulky item, It will not fit to your garbage container, thats funny [ don’t try ]. Directv Dish Removal Hawaii

We offer a Directv Dish Removal Hawaii which can help You to get thru a moving process fast and easy. There is small charge for the service of $50 to any Directv Hawaii subscribers who had set up their service thru other sources than D&M Satellite Solutions, ltd. For all ours existing customers this is a fee ADD ON

Directv Hawaii Dish Removal

Now when you have this Big Dish out of Your site – You are free to go and will see you next time!!!

All The best from Directv Hawaii Team!!

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