Directv Hilo – 1.2 m antena Installation options.

This is a simple installation based on the non pen mount. In this case we are having a satellite dish attached to the ground via 8 inch stakes. This is a good solution if you have a ground which can hold stakes. For many o Big Island customers this will be no option and we will need to weight the satellite dish with 8 – 12 cinder blocks. This type of the satellite installation is number one choice for the Hilo area. The reason being that size and weight of the Directv  satellite dish is limiting options for install. Most of the houses is using a metal roofing and can’t be modified to accommodate size and weight of our dish. tel 808.541.7690 Directv Hilo installation on non pen mount without a cinder blocks.Directv Hilo installation on non pen mount without a cinder blocks. More informations at or 808.541.7690
Ground Mount Installation of 1.2 meter directv

Another very important factor is the flexibility of putting the dish where we can receive unobstructed satellite signal. Satellite coordinates for Directv are pretty simple. We are getting a 3 satellite lock into our system. basic rule of thumb is to have antenna faced due  East and elevation may vary from 22 – 25 degrees. Having this information satellite antenna must be placed in the area free of the line of site obstructions. Where a roof is no option for most scenarios a non penetrating ground mount is good way of finding desire spot. If need it dish may be placed away from the house or of the back of it – technician will determine possible placed for the installation and you may suggest your favorite spot. 808.541.7690
Weighted ground mount installation of 1.2 meter Directv antenna

The dish placement is a curtis part for the whole installation process. We may find people who are totally fine with satellite antenna being in the front yard but all very demanding customers. In most cases we are finding some sweet spots between esthetics and available locations spots. We may not request for the dish to be placed to fare because of the distance and the cable line being buried.  In general standard installation does not cover any of the trenching and custom work options. You may suggest your technician that you are willing to help and care about the exposed line later. This may or may not work due to a fact that tech is responsible for the work done at the time of the installation. 808.541.7690
Roof mount installation of 1.2 meter Directv antenna.

Another way of doing a satellite installation is a wall or roof mount. This method shares same foot base which can be attached to the roof structure or side walls of your residence. In some areas of Hilo this may be limited due to a roof conduction standards. Most of them is build using metal elements and they are to unstable to hold the weight of the 1.2 meter  satellite antenna. If you have a different surface this maybe your spot.

Finally we are getting to the place where dish may be mounted to the side of the house, post or wall. This rather easy and not complicated way is applicable only to the sturdy surfaces which are  strong enough to hold the system.