Direct TV Hawaii

My Cable Experience: Why I Said No To Cable

Ever have trouble with your cable box?  Bought a really nice big tv…then had to watch everything in regular definition.  If so, then I know your pain.  I was stuck watching regular cable, with a bunch of cool toys that werent being taken advantage of.  Somehow, having surround sound and a 50 inch TV doesnt matter as much if the picture you’re looking at isnt clear, especially during football season.  What was my solution?

Well, my friend recommended that I try satellite tv and so I looked into it.  After asking around, the two that came most highly recommended were Dish Network and Direct TV.  I went with Direct TV.  Why?  Because they get the NFL red zone channel.  Now, instead of watching the two games on basic cable on sundays….I can watch ALL of them!  Thank’s Direct TV, you’re the best!

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