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Directv and the Lakers Agree!

This news is a bit late, but Directv and Time Warner Cable’s Sports Network have agreed to allow Directv to carry all the Los Angeles Lakers games (Sports Net is the TV home of the Lakers and carries pretty much 24/7 Lakers coverage.)

This deal comes on the heels of Time Warner Cable signing an exclusive deal with the team, giving them rights to the Lakers for the next 20 years at approximately $150 Million per year.

The key thing to note here, especially for Lakers fans outside of the Southern California area, is that now, all Directv customers will have access to their team.  Directv is already tremendously popular for its NFL sunday ticket programming.  Now it will likely be moreso.  This is particularly important for Hawaii, given the large amount of Lakers fans here (the Lakers and Golden State Warriors used to hold their pre-season training camps here followed by an exhibition game).  So now, Directv Hawaii does not only carry the NFL, it carries the Lakers too!

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