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Directv Hawaii 

I just moved to Honolulu from the mainland. I only lived on the west coast near Los Angeles and when comes to my TV choice – I  always had a satellite television. Going to Hawaii was the dream of my life but I knew that I may have a hard time getting the same quality channels as I had on the mainland. My first experience was not the greatest, I have to try to acquire some information about Directv Hawaii service in  local Costco market, this was not the greatest idea.

I came to Directv Hawaii Kiosk on several occasions during my grocery shopping trips and had three different quote for my service. Every time spoke to a random Guy who just started work for them. When i finally decided to go – i had to make a phone call because they where not taking directv orders. When i asked about specific Directv Installation question, Directv Dish size, location, elevation and hardware…..OMG, they had no idea what I’m asking, The Guy could not confirm any of the details regarding installation.

Than my wife ask me why we not looking for the local Directv Hawaii Dealer? We did some research and found D&M Satellite Solutions, Ltd located just few block from where we live. I had a vert fruitful conversation with a sales person and technician comers to the store to overview the installation process. I was able to see that Directv Hawaii Satellite Dish in real before they installed on my House. It turned that w got better Directv deal than in Costco and can refer more people to get The best Directv Deal in Hawaii.

No problems:)

No all day appointment window,  I actually got sharp 9am.

No random salesman or technician !!!

So fare the experience was ***** ( five stars)

More than that – i got two hundred dollars credit

Thank you

Directv hawaiiMax Holton

Wailuku, HI

Directv Hawaii Best Deals  – D&M Satellite Solutions, Ltd 808.541.7690


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