Directv Hawaii


Hawaii Satellite Solutions, Ltd  strives to provide you with the best digital TV deals possible.  How? by being the #1 premier provider of DIRECTV in Hawaii. We pride ourselves in superior customer service.  Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied for life.

As leaders in satellite television, we provide you with a professional installation and state of the art equipment to fit your needs and with dedicated locations on all of the major Hawaiian Islands (Kauai, Oahu, Maui and the Big Island), we here at Hawaii Satellite Solutions, Ltd  are absolutely committed to helping you find your television solution.  Want the NFL?  We got that.  Want access to over 500 channels?  We got that too!  We pride ourselves in not just our online presence, but the fact that we’re completely, 100% local (as our employee’s can attest).  Please come down and visit.  We’re always happy to chat and to meet new people.

Curious about what other people have to say about us?  Visit our blog here to see how we made it easier for our customers to say no to cable and YES to Hawaii DIRECTV!



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