Directv in Honolulu

Directv in Honolulu

Another premiere location of Directv in Honolulu, please find our service which is located in the University part of town.If you are sports enthusiast or just a daily user – you will appreciate the location for your Directv in Honolulu needs. Because we are the larges dealer In Hawaii, we can offer exclusive deals and promotions for the coverage area of Directv in Honolulu.

Now you can sign up to get an amazing deals of $19.99 per month, free premium movies HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX and free NFL SUNDAY TICKET for 2014- 2015 season.

This is not it – free Genie upgrade, industry leading DVR system and up to 3 additional clients at no extra cost. For the most demanding customers we offer a wirelles clients solutions. This is a Directv in Honolulu service but not limited only to this  area. We support the service for Directv in MauiDirectv in OahuDirectv in Big Island and Directv in Hawaii.

For those customers in very remote areas we can combine our service with a Exede Satellite Internet. This service offers the blasting speed at least 12 Mbytes upload and 3 Mbytes upload speed. The Hawaii region falls under unlimited internet plans and can be use without restrictions for all residential customers. For more informations, please check our Satellite eInternet  website tab.

Directv in Honolulu offers the television service to our military troops in the Oahu island. We offer variety of the Military discounts and Best Directv deals on the island plus free dish removal service. A lot of ours customers is being deployed and  need to remove the dish from Housing Area – this is Free Directv Dish removal service. We just need your basic information and telephone number to complete this task. Some basis need you to sponsor Us to get in the secure area.

We can access those locations without being sponsored by you.

Kaneohe Marine Base – Directv Kaneohe

Schofield Barack –  Directv Wahiwa

For more informations, please check our website under current offer or call 1.808.541.7690

For those with a tight schedule, please fill up the schedule the appointment form and provide the required information. We will call you at the requested time of the day.

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Beast dels %19.99 Directv in Hawaii, Directv in Honoluu, Directv Maui, Directv Big Island
Beast dels %19.99 Directv in Hawaii, Directv in Honoluu, Directv Maui, Directv Big Island

Directv Hawaii Military Discount

Directv Hawaii Military Discount


Military discount is offered almost everywhere, but with D&M Satellite Solutions, Ltd Directv Hawaii you get military discount on top of all the other great Directv Deals. Usually our discount is not offered with any other specials, but D&M Satellite Solutions, Ltd Directv Hawaii goes out of their way to make sure we get the most of everything. It’s a blessing to get couple dollars off or a certain % off just because i am in the military.

When moving to Hawaii, the military provided us with a list & a magazine with all the services we will need when moving here. i got D&M Satellite Solutions, Ltd Directv Hawaii number from it & they are a local Directv Hawaii  dealer.

I called to inquire & the  Directv Deals deals they offered me were so awesome that i had to sign up. low rates, tons of savings & more, they gave me no reason to say no.

They even have a new comers briefing meeting for military people who are new here, so if you don’t want to call them, you can attend that meeting  and get all your questions answered. if you don’t have time to go over anything they take your name, phone number,  email & follow up with you later.

They really do a great job –  trying to reach out to you & get you the best deals possible. With great customer service like that, you can only imagine how good they will treat you once signed up & installed. Speaking of that, let me tell you, even after being installed, i get a follow up call every month just to make sure everything is running the way it should. If i have any questions or concerns or even need a service call they are on it. I must say i am truly happy with my Directv Hawaii service. I will be referring everyone to get their  Directv military discounts with D&M Satellite Solutions, Ltd

By the way, they have a website where you can find all current promotions and sign up ur schedule a call with the agent. Since I got to Hawaii everyone is so local oriented.

Lets shop local and support local community and business.

Big Mahalo:)


Directv Hawaii
Directv Hawaii Military Discount