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Directv Honolulu
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Directv Hawaii Dish

Directv Hawaii Dish satellite dish description

Directv Hawaii has a different type of dishes, you cannot compare those sizes to the size you can see on the mainland. Because of the Hawaii  geographical location size of the dish must be slightly bigger then what you’ll see in lower 48. Truly speaking this is the only  difference between satellite television here in Hawaii and the rest of the continental USA.

Because of the weight of the satellite dish and dimension – we have to consider different type placement and also hardware which we will use to do so. The most popular satellite dish mounting is the flat mount. This type of mount we can use on the flat ground and also as the alternate roff mount. Picture off this mount you can find below.

Directv Hawaii Dish







Second type of the installation for Directv Hawaii Dish – We  do using a roof mount. This is the most traditional type of mount (mainland). In Hawaii this is not the favorite one due to a Trade winds and weight of the dish itself. Picture of it you will find below.


Directv Hawaii Roof mount








The third way Directv Hawaii Dish and very popular method of the mounting is “Post Mount” which basically stands for a long pipe concrete downing the ground and sticking to desire heights. The solution also very helpful when dish needs to be elevated to clear line of sight





Directv Hawaii Dish set up post
Directv Hawaii Post Mount