F$%K You! What “Funny or Die” Creator Says About The Comcast Time Warner Merger Should It Go Through

Comcast Doesn’t Give A F*CK (censored) from Tarik Ellinger

In the resent Forbes.com article titled Competition Will Not Survive The Comcast-Time Warner Merger  it was stated stated…”TWC’s pro-consumer and pro-competition view will not survive the merger.  Instead, Comcast will fight to maintain the corrupted and broken business model that denies consumers reasonable choices.”  Then end of choice?  Is the mentality that you will pay or get nothing?  Is there anything that can be said about this??  Well, creators that post on “Funny or Die” said something real loud!!

Well, we all know that the merger possibility of Comcast/Time Warner is making plenty of people nervous.  Whether you’re a subscriber or a content creator the future of TV and it’s freedom’s is looking bleak at best.  The folks from Funny or Die have been known to just let it loose.  It’s an online comedy version of YouTube that has an underground following that is blowing up.  Well, content creators are real nervous about the merger as  the explain in the video below.  The message in this video is based on “what you don’t know you don’t know wont kill you”.

This might be a bit vulgar but the truth is that this does pierce right through the heart of the situation…..

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